Mission Report June 28, 2020

It has been an exciting 8 weeks since the beginning of this blog initiative. I have learnt a lot of new and useful skills. I started with the “Linux and Operating System Fundamentals” course and upon its successful completion, I started the “Fullstack Development” course, which is currently ongoing and nearing completion. When I started learning about linux and operating systems, I did not have any experience or knowledge about it. To go from an empty slate to everything I now know after the completion of the course, has truly been a fun experience. As a result of all the stuff I learnt from this course, I was able to make my own trash command( I have an entire post regarding this ). The fullstack course that I have been doing for the past few weeks might be one of the best online courses in my opinion. Unlike linux, I had some basic knowledge about javascript, react and front-end development. The amount of stuff I have newly learnt as well as every other skill that I have built on is truly what I did not expect at the beginning of this course. It is entirely text based and something that I not generally used to. But the course has proved that the text based format is really resourceful if made in a certain way. This course has helped me engage and learn so many new things as I move through it. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get to know about modern full stack development. The blog posts have been at the crux of all my work. Learning from the course materials and sharing what I learnt at the end of the week has been the most effective learning routine I have had in a long time. I believe that everyone should engage in teaching the topics they learn. Teaching, or writing about things you have learnt is probably one of the best ways to learn a topic in depth. It not only helps you gain deeper insights about the things you are learning, but also helps anyone out there who is trying to get started. It acts a service to the community which someday is going to be repeated again by someone who you helped by your posts, who will teach it someone else and that becomes a never ending cycle of such acts which helps the learning community to remain intact and grow endlessly. I have truly enjoyed every moment of the last few weeks and I plan to just move forward from here and keep doing my best to learn and help as much as I can.

Github: https://github.com/atharvakadam
Fullstack course : https://fullstackopen.com/en