Back to the grind

Firstly, I would like to apologize for not posting for over a month. I had to take a break from the fullstack course because of a teaching responsibility that I had taken over. I tried out teaching a “Introduction to Python” course to middle schoolers. It was a fun experiment for me because of a lot of reasons. I rediscovered my interest in teaching and I got to improve my public speaking skills. I was able to effectively interact with my students as I explained all the concepts. Overall the five week program was a success and the students enjoyed learning their first programming language.

Today, I have resumed my full stack course and I plan on finishing the full stack course by the end of this week. I also will resume my full stack project and my preparation for the AWS cloud certification. So starting today, it is going to be a tough two-three weeks. I am completely ready to get back into this grind and finish it successfully.

I will start updating this blog with all my project progress in the coming weeks. My fourth and final year of my Bachelors degree also starts in the last week of August. I am looking forward to completing all my targets before I get started my final year at Stony Brook University.